EnFoid comprises a select team of professional entrepreneurs, managers and developers and focused on maximizing productivity and returns on unqiue projects


  • Industry applications (production, packing, filling, robotics)
  • Internet applications (high-traffic web operations, web services, extensive databases)
  • Internet information services (large-scale HTTP/SMTP/DNS/Storage/Databases/...)
  • why

    A short-term intervention in a project can promote and enhance long-term vision, flexibility or technology to push things to the next level - at low or even no cost. EnFoid is here to do just that!

    Quick Example: Basically, all SEO-related contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. The SEO provider doesn’t know what the target audience will be searching for, since there is no limit on target words/phrases. Any SEO campaign attempting to cover them all would be impossible to execute and/or finance. With proper analytics and customer experience flows, SEO can be minimized or the whole task completely eliminated if other methods prove to be more effective.
    This is not just marketing hype! We have the proof!

    here is how we do it ...

    seamless interaction

    By integrating ourselves into the daily operation flow, we become invisible to the current workflow but can see firsthand where things can be improved.

    fast resolutions

    With the power of an "external view" and direct integration, bottlenecks are quickly identified. The field expert will access the workflow and create a workaround or solution that’s long-lasting and inexpensive.


    In many (most) cases, implementation can be achieved without any initial investment at all through structural tweaks, strategic placements or aligning workflows with customer funnels.


    EnFoid services are normally
    free of charge
    (no joke!)

    (Operating costs are excluded, more details)
    However, nothing is really free. Our standard charge starts at 0.8 times the annual revenue increase following implementation. Basically, it won’t cost you a dime, as our success will pay for itself.