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creating solutions for the greater good

Management, Finance and Information Technology combined
with a general focus on "win-win scenarios", EnFoid designs Solutions to provide gains for all involved.

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Key Aspects

Quick TurnAround

all our projects are based on client's needs, aiming to provide fast success

Constant Support

there is no gap on ongoing suport, as long a project is running, we take care of everything.


data, funds, copyrights and trust
always legally & physically protected by multiple layers of security

EnFoid Lenders

No Risk involved

Funds are not subject to any speculative activities.


All funds have an additional layer of protection,
being held in Local Banks to ensure Payouts can always be covered.

Account Reporting

Detailed analysis of growth and Financial Status for lended funds.


E-Mail and SMS Based Notifications for account updates.

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for more details about this service see the risk-free pages on swingfish.trade.


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